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About FINEO Investor Relations Advisors

Who we are
  • We are independent
  • We are finance experts, not a PR firm
  • We provide strategic Investor Relations (‘IR’) counsel and training on a global scale
  • Our primary focus: developing and executing shareholder value-maximizing Investor Relations strategies
  • Our training arm, The School of Investor Relations, offers courses that are
    • expert-led
    • highly customizable
    • cost-effective
    • available online or on-site at your location
What makes us different
  • FINEO’s courses are delivered by seasoned IR professional practitioners, not by multi-purpose trainers
  • Former, award-winning Investor Relations Officers at large, multi-listed multinationals, financial analysts, financial analysts, investment bankers at leading financial institutions
  • With more than 30 years of international capital markets experience
  • And strong financial analytical skills
  • We offer an unparalled wealth of experience in Investor Relations for course participants to tap from and quickly act upon
What we help clients achieve
Tangible results and measurable Return on Investment such as:
  • Development and diversification of shareholder base
  • Increase in sustainable valuation
  • Rationalisation of Investor Relations budgets
  • Optimisation of management time
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