Investor Relations Training Courses
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Bespoke programmes for directors and senior executives

  • The competition for capital is fiercer than it’s ever been. Finding the right shareholders for your business is becoming more and more complex in our global world. Gone are the days when senior management could count on the share price to take care of itself - even when financial results are sound.
  • Packaging your company’s performance and strategy in a compelling investment case is more critical than ever. Our courses offer you a unique, unbiased chance to revisit your investment case to maximize investor appeal, while developing and maintaining the right shareholder base.
  • Sample course content
    • Governance, price-sensitive information, public disclosure
    • Initial Public Offering
    • Strategic announcement
    • Earnings presentations, Investor Days, Annual General Meetings, etc
    • Effective one-on-one meetings with financial analysts or fund managers
    • Interaction between boards of directors and Investor Relations
    • The function of Investor Relations to maximize chances of achieving fair valuation
    • Success factors to efficient roadshows and the other investor meetings
    • The role of Investor Relations in corporate strategy
    • The role of the CEO and CFO in Investor Relations activities
    • New trends in Investor Relations (e.g. social media, integrated reporting)
  • Senior-titled programmes
    • Investor Relations strategies and tactics to maximize value
    • Investor Relations and the Chief Financial Officer
    • Developing the right strategy and protocols for efective shareholder engagement
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