Investor Relations Training Courses
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Course Formats

On-site courses – at your location, anywhere in the world
  • Half-day, one-day to 4-day programmes
  • Covered by Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Optimal use of management’s time
  • Customised session by category of participants
  • Offers more opportunities for team bonding
Conference call/webcast (“virtual classroom”)
  • Live webinars delivered over the internet
  • In this “virtual classroom”, the instructor can take any question from the “class” via text chat or telephone or Skype
  • Works on any operating system
  • Requires no installation or changes in the user’s system or training

Our courses are highly interactive and use many real-life examples

Course participants are encouraged to bring their own IR documents for discussion and appraisal

We offer an unparalled wealth of experience in Investor Relations for course participants to tap from and quickly act upon

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