Investor Relations Training Courses
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Investor Relations for the Chief Financial Officer

How to use Investor relations effectively within your organisation
  • What is Investor Relations?
  • The benefits of Investor Relations in the competition for capital
  • The strategic role of Investor Relations in the organisation
  • Positioning Investor Relations with the executive committee, the Board of Directors
  • The Chief Financial Officer role and investor expectations
How to effectively communicate the numbers
  • How to present financial figures and key performance indicators
  • How to explain your company’s business model
  • How to present your company’s strategy
  • Moving beyond numbers: the increasing role of environmental, social & governance
  • Debt Investor Relations
  • Communicating earnings objectives and strategic goals
How to get the most from your shareholder base
  • Comparative advantages of shareholder types
  • The benefits of a diversified shareholder base
  • Identifying shareholders
  • Attracting long-term shareholders
  • Measuring the Return On Investment in Investor Relations
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