Investor Relations Training Courses
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Investor Relations strategies and tactics to maximize value

Investor Relations: a multi-faceted discipline
  • Mastering regulatory disclosure compliance
  • Understanding the value of IR above and beyond the share price
  • Mixing finance, legal and communications skills with industry knowledge
Investor Relations: a major corporate responsibility
  • Thinking local and global at the same time, shareholders and stakeholders
  • Embracing environmental, social, corporate governance and reputation
  • Turning your company’s financial, strategic, commercial, technological and reputational objectives into a cohesive, easily-understood and appealing investment thesis
Creating competitive advantage through an effective Investor Relations strategy
  • Assessing the competition for capital, traditional and non-traditional
  • Setting the financial calendar, the cornerstone of the Investor Relations programme
  • Creating a cost-effective Investor Relations toolkit, in print and online
  • Reaching out to the investment community, through roadshows, meetings, conferences
Developing a compelling investment case for your company
  • Combining financial figures with other key performance indicators
  • Highlighting the core features of your company’s business model
  • Dealing with risks and uncertainties
  • Communicating earnings objectives and strategic goals
Measuring the impact of Investor Relations beyond the share price
  • Assessing the return on investment in Investor Relations
  • Developing your own measurement framework with quantitative criteria and qualitative perception assessment methods
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