Investor Relations Training Courses
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Investor Relations Masterclass (4 days)

Day 1
Introduction to Investor Relations
  • What is Investor Relations?
  • The benefits of Investor Relations in the competition for capital
  • The strategic role of IR in the organization
  • Positioning IR with the executive committee, the Board of Directors Disclosure, guidance and regulations
  • Sample IR organization and mission
  • Optimizing the IR budget
  • Capital market players and target audiences, at home and abroad
  • Comparative advantages of shareholder types
  • The benefits of a diversified shareholder base
  • Identifying shareholders
  • Effective targeting strategies: how to attract long-term shareholders
Day 2
Developing and telling your equity story
  • Understanding your audience’s sentiment (analyst research reports, earnings forecasts monitoring, pre- and post-event feedback analysis, investor perceptions studies)
  • Presentation of financial figures & key performance indicators
  • Describe your company’s market, operating environment, business model, strategy. Learn how to deal with the bad news
  • Beyond the numbers: Increasing role of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG),
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Debt Investor Relations
  • Communicating earnings objectives and strategic goals
  • Defining guidance policy
  • Selecting guidance indicators
Day 3
Building the IR programme and the IR Toolkkit
  • Financial calendar
  • Developing the annual timetable of IR activities
  • Database development
  • Investor audience screening
  • Teleconferences, videos, conference calls
  • Press releases and presentations
  • Annual reports, integrated reporting
  • Fact sheets
  • FAQs
Day 4
The outreach programme, digital IR and measuring IR
Roadshows and investor days
  • Rationale and objectives
  • Organisation & logistics
  • Meeting formats
  • Timetable & agenda
Digital IR
  • Investor Relations website
  • Investor Relations and social media
Measuring the impact of Investor Relations
  • Quantitative measures
  • Stock market criteria (stock price, etc.)
  • IR programme: number of meetings
  • Evolution of the share ownership structure
  • Qualitative measures
  • Perception surveys
  • Awards, rankings

Note: this programme can be adjusted to two or three days to fit in your schedule

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