Investor Relations Training Courses
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Overview of Investor Relations programmes

Investor Relations and the Initial Public Offering
  • Build a compelling equity story
  • Comply fully with a wide range of legal obligations
  • Devote the necessary time and resources to retain the attention and remain on the radar
Introduction to Investor Relations
  • 1 to 4 day-programmes
  • How to design an Investor Relations strategy
  • Crafting & disseminating key messages
  • Measuring the impact of Investor Relations
  • The importance of online Investor Relations
The “How-To” Series
  • How to write earnings releases and presentations
  • How to organize a roadshow
  • How to organize an Investor Day
  • How to identify and target investors
  • How to gauge audience perception
  • How to track analysts’ estimates
  • How to build the Investor Relations budget
  • How to develop an Investor Relations website
Creating and Communicating Value
  • Course in partnership with McKinsey & Company
  • The different types of growth that can create value
  • Transactions and returns to shareholders
Bespoke programmes for directors and senior executives
  • Investor Relations strategies and tactics to maximize value (1 day)
  • Investor Relations and the Chief Financial Officer (1/2 day)
  • Effective board engagement with shareholders
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