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10 reasons why you should register for our IR training now!

You are preparing an IPO... and want to learn how to develop your investment case
You are the newly appointed CEO or CFO of a listed company and need to learn fast and in the privacy of your home or office
You are a director and are concerned that the Board does not get enough information on how the capital markets perceive your company
You are a private company trying to raise its profile to attract investors
You are joining an established Investor Relations team and wish to add measurable value
Your budget does not allow you to travel to attend any Investor Relations training programme in London or in the US, for instance
You need practical tips and proven, real-life tactics to maximize the value of your company
You want to be up to speed on international best practices in Investor Relations in order to attract foreign institutional holders
You are looking at a change in your career and keen to explore the opportunities of Investor Relations
You did not know where to turn for professional training in Investor Relations
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