Investor Relations Training Courses
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What you will learn

Any topic not listed here?
Ask us! We will customize courses to meet your own Investor Relations training requirements
  • Improve the quality of your Investor Relations skills
  • Apply international best practices to Investor Relations
  • Optimize your time and resources
  • Improve current Investor Relations programme and tools to adequately showcase financial and operating achievements
  • Develop an impactful Investor Relations strategy that will effectively raise your company’s profile in the international investment community
  • The value of a clearly defined investment thesis and how to achieve it
  • How to ensure a sound financial image through transparent and effective communication
  • Clear guidelines on how to communicate value and deliver compelling messages on corporate strategies, major transactions and returns to shareholders
  • How to organize the Investor Relations function for maximum efficiency and impact: team size, skill sets, budgets, reporting lines, measurement tools
  • International overview of the Investor Relations profession
  • Mission, scope and structure of Investor Relations in a corporate organization
  • An integrated approach to shareholder and stakeholder relations
  • Investor Relations and the Board of Directors
  • The benefits of a diversified shareholder base
  • The relationship between corporate governance, trust, corporate identity and reputation
  • Setting the financial calendar, the cornerstone of the Investor Relations programme
  • Creating a cost-effective Investor Relations toolkit
  • Reaching out to the investment community locally and globally
  • Effectively engaging with the media
  • Understanding how capital market participants use corporate financial statements for their investment decisions
  • Presenting the investment case, financial figures and key performance indicators
  • Dealing with risks and uncertainties
  • Effectively managing the market’s expectations
  • Communicating earnings objective, financial targets and strategic goals
  • Quantitative measuring tools, with a particular emphasis on assessing changes in valuation, investment recommendations, share ownership structure
  • Qualitative assessment through perception studies, feedback, analysts research reports, earnings consensus analysis.
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