Investor Relations Training Courses
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Who should attend & why

Who should attend
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Directors
  • Investor Relations practitioners:
    • Experienced professionals
    • Those new to Investor Relations
  • Company Secretaries
  • Senior executives in finance, legal,
  • human resources

Our high added-value, cost-effective and expert-led classes are critical for any corporation that is eager to understand, convey and ultimately market value:

  • As an executive of a listed company, you are under pressure to continually communicate value and raise your company’s profile in increasingly competitive global capital markets.
  • You have an obligation to current shareholders to present a transparent and compelling investment case, in a professional manner, while attracting potential investors. Having a fully-fledged and visible Investor Relations function is a critical differentiator.
  • This is why FINEO’s courses are designed to ensure that all capital market-facing executives are aligned across Investor Relations principles, processes and goals and allows for the improvement of the current Investor Relations programme to align with global best practice.
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